Revegetation and planting

Below you can check out an excellent revegetation plan template and its companion guide. These resources have been developed by NZ Landcare Trust – Ngā Matapopore Whenua to provide land managers with assistance in preparing a Restoration Plan. The documents will require editing to meet each site’s individual requirements, and both documents need to be used in conjunction.

Below you will also find the latest Carex Planting Along Board Drains Guide, produced by NZ Landcare Trust, Piako Catchments Forum and the Waikato Regional Council.

Happy planting.

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Mānuka and Kānuka Plantation Guide

NZ Landcare Trust played a supportive role in the production of the Mānuka and Kānuka Plantation Guide, published 2017. This resource provides important information to assist farmers and landowners who are planning to introduce honey production and would like to create plantations of Mānuka or Kānuka.

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