Good management practices are practices which help manage farm resources while minimising environmental risk.

Aiming for both sustainability and profitability on a farm, Good Management Practices can assist with both. A very important part of the work that we do, as NZ Landcare Trust, is promoting GMPs to farmers, landowners and lifestylers, and to the wider community as a whole.

There are many positive outcomes from adopting good management practices on farm, for example:

• Water quality will be maintained and/or improved.
• Complying with national and local regulations.
• Looking after your natural resources.
• Meeting consumer expectations.
• Profitable farming due to improvements in soil management, pasture growth and quality, and animal health.

These are our recommended practices for reducing the potential for our actions to impact on water
quality. Good Management Practices can be tailored to each farm through a Farm Environment Management Plan.

What are Good Management Practices?

Simply put, these are the ways you can protect your working land. From erosion control and effluent management, to fertiliser applications and riparian margins, these steps can make the world of difference to the health of your land and waterways.

NZ Landcare Trust have a huge range of resources based on Good Management Practices – below you will find a catalogue of some of our most popular GMP-based resources.


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