his project was funded by the Ministry for Primary Industries Sustainable Farming Fund to support Southland’s farmer-driven community catchment groups with a part-time Project Coordinator. 

The aim of the project was to raise awareness and educate people on how to improve water quality through Good Management Practices, and help communities identify what they can do to improve water quality in their catchment, and then do it.

Over the project period, Southland’s farmers and rural communities set up catchment groups in to look after their waterways, and get ready for future changes in policy and regulations. 

The project exceeded expectations, with Southland’s network of community Catchment Groups expanding to 21, and involvement of more than 650 farmers and community members, covering well over 70% of Southland. These Catchment Groups come together three times a year with other stakeholders, as the Southland Catchment Group Forum.

This Project was supported financially and in-kind by local and regional organisations, including Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Beef + Lamb NZ, NZ Landcare Trust, Deer Farmers Association (Southland Branch), Deer Industry New Zealand, Environment Southland, Dairy NZ, rural professionals and catchment farmers. It builds upon the previous work of many of these organisations, and NZLT’s experience across the country on what makes farmer-driven catchment based initiatives work.

Download a copy of the Southland Project Book in the links below.