The project ran from 2014-2021 and brought in $111,560 worth of grants for plants, with landowner contributions and Horizons Grants paying for fencing.

Resulting in 79 km (96%) of the tributaries in the catchment being fenced and planted, protecting and enhancing 32 hectares of riparian margin.

The Stoney Creek Catchment Group Joined Manwatu River Catchment Collective in 2020 and enjoys support of their coordinator for continued learning opportunities for landowners.

 “Prior to the NZ Landcare Trust beginning to help me with my project, I was struggling to find good information, to know who the right person to talk to was, to get consistent support or guidance for what I was doing and to feel like the work I was undertaking was valued. With the NZ Landcare Trust involved, my project has gone from strength to strength.” Landowner Richard Ridd.