From the ridgetops to the sea, nurturing the mana and mauri of the Moutere estuary, its connected waterways, its biodiversity, and its people is our collective responsibility.


To support the coordination of projects and initiatives that restore and replenish the lifeforce and ecological health of the Moutere catchment in a way that enables connection and action of landowners, families and community groups


This plan aims to motivate, mobilise, encourage and align volunteer efforts through supporting action on the ground and being a voice for the Moutere Inlet and its surrounds. It is the work of a small group of local volunteers with a concern for the environment of the Moutere Inlet, contributing river and stream waterways and shorelines. There are opportunities for action in many locations. We aim to develop a coherent plan encompassing objectives that resonate with the local communities that will lead to more productive coherent effort. Many previous initiatives have been suggested and undertaken, and our aim is to build on the previous work and related work in nearby areas such as the Waimea inlet, Motueka Estuaries and Mapua and Moutere landowner catchment group. And this work will continue.

A long-term programme will require a more formal approach – developing that is part of this plan. Three years is an appropriate planning time frame in the first instance, with the emphasis on sound organisation and practical implementation. At present several relevant strategies are being developed (eg Kotahitanga mo te taiao, NZ Biodiversity strategy – DOC, TDC biodiversity strategy). These have quite long development time scales. We need to be connected to their development, but we also need to make progress independently.

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Request plants and contacts

The Moutere catchment group started off with a spark from one landowner who then gathered 10 landowners, swelling it to 100 by their first official meeting and now has 200 landowners working together. And we want further engagement, with your help, please talk to your neighbours. Landowner engagement has been driving the success of this project.

With the help of Tasman Environmental Trust (TET), Tasman District Council and NZ Landcare Trust numbers are anticipated to grow even further, with the group just securing $1.9 million in funding from the One Billion Trees and $0.96 million funding from the Provincial Development Unit for riparian fencing.

The Moutere Catchment Group has ambitious goals of planting 270,000 trees over three years (21,000 in year 1 done already!) and adding 35 km of riparian fencing. This was based on requests from requests from landowners like yourself. The goal is to improve water quality and create biodiversity links along waterways. We are looking now for you to indicate how many plants you would like for planting from May to August 2021 this year and where you want to plant them. We will be asking to you to complete either a farm environmental plan or planting plan using our templates on our website before receiving the plants.

We have some funding to assist in planting and tree releasing for those that cannot carry out these tasks themselves.

The information collected from this survey will be held NZ Landcare Trust and Tasman Environment Trust. Individual data will not be shared with anyone without your permission.

Please note: Plant requests for the 2021 season are now closed.

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