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Working in Partnership Project history 

The Manaaki Kaimai Mamaku project brings together the multiple kaitiaki, agencies, stakeholders and interest groups, connected by the 240,000ha of Kaimai Mamaku Ranges, forests and its catchments. The forum brings with it a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience from people who care for and value the forests, farms and waters flowing into the Waihou River and Te Awanui/Tauranga Harbour.

The Trust has previously worked in partnership with Waikato Regional Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and DOC on delivery of the multi-agency Kaimai Mamaku Catchment Project. The Project is gaining great momentum now under DOC administration and NZ Landcare Trust continues to play a role in the Water Project Group.




Strategic Plan Outcomes



  1. The mauri (life supporting qualities) of the rivers, streams, wetlands and ground water (puna) is protected throughout the catchment.
  2. Our water bodies are enhanced and protected from contaminants.
  3. Water allocation is managed sustainably for in-stream and out of stream values.
  4. Significant flood impact is minimised.


  1. The health of the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park is restored – bring back the birds.
  2. The indigenous biodiversity beyond the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park is enhanced.



  1. People understand and appreciate the multiple values of the Kaimai Mamaku catchments.
  2. The Waihou and Tauranga Harbour catchments are sustainably managed to contribute to the environmental, cultural, economic and social wellbeing of the Waikato and Bay of Plenty communities.
  3. People understand and practice sustainable land and water management (including biodiversity).
  4. The Forum is recognised as the key voice for the Kaimai Mamaku communities and is effectively engaged in planning and funding opportunities relating to the Kaimai Mamaku project area.

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