The purpose of the Lake Mahinerangi Stock Exclusion project is to discuss and prioritise (with stakeholders), the staged fencing and stock exclusion from the lake edge of Lake Mahinerangi, Otago, and to manage any subsequent weed management issues which arise upon the fencing of the lake. In this project, NZLT worked alongside Landcorp (Pamu) to bring together the various stakeholders of Lake Mahinerangi.

Goals of the project


  • To exclude cattle from the lake edge of Lake Mahinerangi.
  • To protect native fish, sportfish and other aquatic life of the Lake and tributaries.
  • To provide positive public perception both for the benefit the farming community and for any visitors to the area.
  • To continue to allow and uphold angler access to important fishing areas.
  • To maintain the marginal strip to an acceptable standard.
  • To ensure ongoing operation of the Lake for hydro-generation.