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The Bupa Foundation and NZ Landcare Trust are pleased to announce a new partnership to champion nature regeneration and address eco-anxiety and mental wellbeing for New Zealanders.

The nationwide programme called Junior Landcare will be a cornerstone of the partnership, addressing increasing concerns from younger generations about threats to our natural world and impacts on their lives.

Junior Landcare will provide opportunities for young people to actively contribute to environmental solutions through a series of nature regeneration projects. The projects will be carried out by school and youth groups and will include a range of activities, such as, planting native trees, ecological monitoring projects, wetland restoration and pest control.

Dr Nick Edgar, Chief Executive of NZ Landcare Trust, says,” Partnering with Bupa Foundation will enable young New Zealanders to take action to protect our natural environment and involve their local communities.

“Working with the Bupa Foundation we have created a programme that goes beyond environmental conservation, extending positive impacts to the mental and physical wellbeing of participants, fostering a sense of purpose and connection to nature.

“Our team across Aotearoa love working with schools and young people to create a legacy for those who come after us,” he says.

Junior Landcare, in conjunction with schools and local communities, will deliver ten regeneration projects around New Zealand. It will develop educational resources and research into the effects of nature on wellbeing and mental health in both young and old people, and also provide an opportunity to establish intergenerational connections by including Bupa’s residents in activities.

Pedro Sanchez, Managing Director of Bupa New Zealand, says, “Bupa is a global healthcare company. We’re focused on making a difference in people’s lives and the planet’s health and our partnership with Junior Landcare will have positive impacts for local communities, the next generation of New Zealanders and the health of our natural environment,” says Pedro Sanchez, Managing Director of Bupa New Zealand.

“Enabling our people and residents in our aged care facilities to connect with younger generations, to share their respective wisdom and life experiences, and to connect with nature is proven to have positive impacts on mental wellbeing.

“I am excited to see our partnership develop as the young people involved in Junior Landcare will take a lead on deciding what we do and what’s important to local communities. This is a true grassroots programme and we’re pleased to be able to bring it to towns and cities across the country,” he says.

As part of this announcement, the Bupa Foundation and NZ Landcare Trust extend a call to action to young people across New Zealand.

Dr Edgar says, “We want a high level of engagement in Junior Landcare across Aotearoa and encourage individual schools, classrooms and youth-based groups to register.”

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