Junior Landcare officially launched in New Zealand

More than 30 exciting legacy projects will be the main pillar of a new national Junior Landcare programme launched this week at Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari, near Te Awamutu.

Formed by a partnership between the Bupa Foundation and national environment organisation NZ Landcare Trust, the three-year programme will provide opportunities for young people to actively contribute to environmental solutions through a series of nature regeneration projects. The projects will be carried out by school and youth groups across the country in partnership with local Bupa retirement villages and rest homes, and will include a range of activities, such as, planting native trees, ecological monitoring projects, wetland restoration and pest control.

Pedro Sanchez, Managing Director of Bupa New Zealand spoke at the programme launch about the shared values of the two organisations.

“We are here because we have strong values, and we share those values with NZ Landcare Trust and the people of New Zealand. Healthier, happier lives and making a better world – this is what we focus on with the Bupa Foundation,” he says.

“The Bupa Foundation has invested more than $40 million internationally in the

environment and this is something we are eager to continue.

“Healthier and happier lives is something we can work on for the next generations. We are not the owners of the land, we are simply keeping it for the next generations and what Bupa and NZ Landcare Trust does is teach people how to look after it for our next generations.”

NZ Landcare Trust chief executive Dr Nick Edgar says the trust has a strong record of working with children and schools across Aotearoa, and this would dramatically increase with this new partnership.

“People need healthy ecological and social environments for their own health and wellbeing. Healthy relationships between humans and the earth’s living systems are a critical foundation for strong public support and action to achieve biodiversity conservation and sustainable development,” he says.

“With the expertise of NZ Landcare Trust and the support of The Bupa Foundation, we can make a tangible and measurable impact for our young people across Aotearoa and Bupa’s residents, creating an intergenerational legacy, based on the health and wellbeing of both our whenua (land) and waterways, and our people.”