NZ Landcare Trust were thrilled to win the Community Contribution Award at the recent Westpac Waikato Business Awards, held on November 15.

Judges comments on the night reflected the work that the Trust puts in, not only around the Waikato, but the country.

Judges comments were:

“The results of the work done by NZ Landcare Trust are seen immediately with the clean-up of clogged waterways, the fencing and the planting of riparian margins, and communities having a better understanding of why and how they could ensure the better use of our land.

The Judges felt that the results of their work will be enjoyed by generations to come. The impact of NZ Landcare Trust work with the communities involved in each project was extensive, intergenerational and lasting.

Westpac Waikato Business Awards

The changes to Community spirit were immediate, educational, broke down long held antipathy and saw rural and urban neighbours re-establish ties to create a better, more sustainable Environment for us all.

A wonderful Community Contribution and a worthy winner.”

Trust CEO Dr Nick Edgar said the award helped to showcase the work the Trust is doing in regions across New Zealand and it was great to have the recognition.

“We have a fantastic team of dedicated and passionate regional coordinators around New Zealand who work hard to help empower and inform community-based environmental groups, and get action on the ground happening. The work we are doing is helping to improve land and water sustainability for the future generations of our country.”